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        Location:  Company Profile

        Fuzhou Fushiang Motor Industrial Corporation is a subsidiary company of Taiwan Wuushiang group,Fushiang was founded in December,1995, it was established by Taiwan Wuushiang, Taiwan Kian Shen and Japan Asteer joint investment.The capital fund is 17.78 million USD, Fushiang had two plants, the area is 170 acres.

        The main products is BIW parts,chassis suspension parts and battery Box of EV cars, the major client is Southeast Motor, Fujian Benz,Ningde CATL, GAC FIAT Chrysler,Zhenzhou Nissan,GM,Volvo Truck and other customers.Fushiang is visioned to be the underbody and chassis components leading supplier.

        We are led by chairman Chien Ronghua for 20 years old, Fushiang set the management ideal to be” innovation, service, management and practice”, Fushiang insisted on quality first, Fushiang passed system certification of ISO/IATF16949、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 , Fushiang obtained many honors on Southeast Motor Excellent supplier, GM Excellent supplier, Zhenzhou Nissan Excellent Quality and so on.